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 Saturday March 5th, 2016, one of our members, Aroch Bolanos, is pictured with Congressman Bill Pascrell at the SOS Vets Award Ceremony held at the Brownstone in Paterson.


As was noted before, a total of 1043 individuals have joined the Bogota VFW since 1945. The listing can be found at:

The breakdown by which war they were involved with is as follows:
World War I- 24
World War II- 642
Korea- 77
Vietnam- 156
Desert Storm- 25
Grenada- 1
Iraq- 12
Afghanistan- 2
Other- 4

Welcoming our three newest members to our post; Christian Bauer from Teaneck, Aroch Bolanos from Secaucus, and David Howard from Bogota. Aroch and Christian are Iraq war veterans, and David was stationed in Korea.


Pictured is Agustin Cabrera who joined our post mid-year 2015. Augie is an Iraqi War Veteran and lives in Bogota.


Congratulations to Aroch Bolanos, one of our newest members, for winning the Mark Weber Legacy Award given nationally to the best Mission Continues Fellow in the Country! You can find more info on the organization Mission Continues in our RESOURCE section above!

Currently one of our members, Sergio Mendez, is attending Air Assault School in Georgia and will complete this training by the end of January. We wish him the best of luck.